Where can I find the best small business health insurance?
Shopping for employee health insurance can be daunting as a small business owner. There are many different types of small business health insurance — and many places employers can go to find it. Unfortun
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two small business owners with a searchlight looking for the best health insurance
Promoting Mental Health Awareness Month in the workplace
May is National Mental Health Awareness Month — which makes it the perfect time for employers to take stock of how they support employees’ mental health.  We are in the midst of a mental health crisis
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cartoon image of a heart shaped brain representing good mental health awareness
Healthcare trailblazers: Microsoft’s commitment to family and child care
Healthcare in the U.S. is a broken industry in need of trailblazers. The U.S. spends roughly double what comparable countries spend on healthcare — but ranks dead last among them in healthcare outcomes,
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What should small business owners look for in group health insurance plans?
If you’re a small business owner, you might be overwhelmed by the thought of choosing and implementing small business health insurance. Especially if you have fewer employees and a tighter budget, you might
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How offering employee benefits improves company culture
First things first – what do we mean by “employee benefits” and “company culture”? What are employee benefits? Employee benefits are how an employer indirectly compensates their employees. Employe
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happy healthy employee due to great employee benefits and a great company culture