What is an Open Access Network in Health Insurance?
“Can I continue seeing my doctor?” is one of the first questions employees ask about their health insurance plans.  As an employer, the answer you give depends on the network in your benefits plan. If
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What is Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) in Healthcare?
Reference-based pricing (RBP) is an alternative to traditional pricing that generally stabilizes and/or reduces the cost of claims. As an employer, the cost of your employees’ healthcare claims play a
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Level-Funded vs Self-Funded Plans – What’s the Difference?
If you’re considering offering employees a self-funded health plan, a big decision is whether to choose a level-funded plan or not. Level funding is a type of self insurance — but what’s the difference
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Understanding Self-Funded vs. Fully Funded Health Insurance
When offering health insurance to employees, one of your first decisions is to decide on the type of health insurance. Should you offer self-funded health insurance or a fully funded plan? How do they work? W
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Sana’s Commitment to Fight Racism
Dear Sana Community, Sana has spent a lot of time these past two weeks reflecting on the current events in our country, and the systemic problems leading us to this point. We knew immediately we wanted to
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