Why I joined the Sana Benefits team
One of Sana’s values is “build the future.”  I came to Sana, sleeves rolled up, to help build and scale what healthcare should - and can - be.  You can read a bit about what we’ve already got going in this post. And you know what? We’re on our way to delivering healthcare experiences orders of magnitude more impactful than that first e-commerce transaction on my smartphone.
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Choosing the right group health insurance for startups
What is group health insurance for startups? HealthCare.gov defines group health insurance plans as health coverage provided by business owners to eligible employees and their families. Specifically, group h
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Self-funded health insurance pros and cons
Self-funded health insurance pros and cons: Starting with the basics Are you new to self-funded plans and wondering how they compare with other health insurance plans? Learning self-funded health insurance p
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How much should employees pay for health insurance?
In America, how much do employees pay for health insurance? From the insurance plan your company chooses to your employees’ health conditions, many factors affect how much employees pay for health insuranc
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Debunking common small business medical insurance myths 
Small business medical insurance: a few reasons why it’s important A few myths surround small business medical insurance, even more so now, as the COVID-19 pandemic is still a concern for employers and emp
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