What is Reference-Based Pricing (RBP) in Healthcare?
Reference-based pricing in healthcare: An unknown alternative for better claim cost value  Reference-based pricing (RBP) in healthcare is an alternative to traditional pricing that generally stabilizes and/
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Are you surprised and delighted by your primary care doctor?
A couple of years ago, I reached a breaking point. I had endured one too many rushed doctor’s appointments where I didn’t feel heard. I was frustrated by games of phone tag with the doctor’s office.
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How to find the best medical insurance for small business
The importance of finding the best medical insurance for your small businesses Finding the best medical insurance for your small business may be challenging for you or your Human Resources team. You’re not
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Health insurance requirements for small businesses
Why is reviewing small business health insurance requirements necessary? If you choose employee coverage for the first time or want to switch carriers to improve the benefits you offer, learning about standa
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What is an Open Access Plan in Health Insurance?
What is an Open Access Network in a Health Insurance Plan? “Can I continue seeing my doctor?” is one of the first questions employees ask about their health insurance plans. As an employer, the answer yo
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