What’s the Average Company Health Insurance Cost?
Company health insurance cost: An overview of the price in America Many factors influence company health insurance costs, including your coverage choice and your employees' overall health status. In order to
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Is health insurance a business expense?
Yes or no: Is health insurance a business expense? If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur offering health benefits to employees for the first time, congratulations! You’ve made a great move by
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How to find the best small business benefits provider
Small business benefits providers: Beyond traditional insurance companies Some of the best insurance companies providing coverage for small businesses aren't necessarily the big, old-fashioned ones you're ac
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HSA for small business: What it is and why it may be a good option
What is an HSA for small businesses? Considering an HSA plan for your small business? They are popular add-ons to your health plan offerings and can save you and your employees money, but make sure you under
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How to offer health benefits for small business employees?
Are health benefits for small business employees unaffordable? There are several misconceptions about health benefits for small business employees. One relates to affordability. Even though it can be a signi
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