Dallas Parking Business switches to Sana

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Jack Boles Parking

Sana is excited to be the benefits provider for long-time Dallas family-owned business, Jack Boles Parking. Jack Boles Parking was founded in 1946 by, you guessed it, Jack Boles. Now it’s run by his daughter and son-in-law, Pam and David Hamilton. Today, the company specializes in everything from high-end valet services for special events to parking facility management. They take pride in their ability to valet for a more upscale clientele.

44%Lower Premiums

$70kAnnual Savings

Employee Happiness

“The Hamiltons have always felt it was important to take care of their employees,” says Executive Vice President, Brenda Madison. Brenda has been with the company for 10 years, and says that even today she’s “considered new.” That’s because the turnover at Jack Boles is close to zero, with the exception of employees who churn throughout their college years.

According to Brenda, Jack Boles just had an employee retire from the company after 55 years of service. On top of that, they have 25 or so employees who have been there for 30 years or more. This alone is an incredible testament to the emphasis the family-run business puts on employee happiness. So when it came time to choose a benefits provider for their employees, Jack Boles Parking didn’t take the decision lightly.

Deciding on Benefits

Prior to Sana, Jack Boles was insured by one of the major health insurance providers. “Like everybody else, insurance costs were killing us,” says Brenda. Since they were such a small group, they thought their only option for reasonable premiums was a really high deductible plan. But that’s not what their employees wanted. Brenda started searching for other options because she was worried that costs were going to skyrocket with their upcoming renewal. She found Sana online and sent an email to learn more about our plans.

Jack Boles wasn’t used to open-access plans, but they weren’t worried. Most of the group’s doctors were already accepting Sana, and it seemed easy enough to add new doctors when necessary. The company had always worked with a broker before, but when it came to Sana, even their broker couldn’t match the prices. This left the Jack Boles team wondering “What’s the catch?” But after doing their research on the network and talking to other clients about their experiences with Sana, the executive team decided they had nothing to lose and plenty to gain. Jack Boles Parking has been with Sana since January 1, 2020, and we couldn’t be happier to be serving their fantastic team.

Service & Savings

According to Brenda, Jack Boles is “saving at least 30-40%” on their insurance premiums since switching to Sana. And those savings haven't come at the cost of service. Six months into their plan year, Jack Boles employees have had no major issues with Sana.

The Decision to Renew

As with many employers, the decision for Jack Boles Parking to renew will boil down to price and coverage, as well as the range and value of the options available. Happy employees, happy doctors, and happy pharmacies will also factor into the decision. We hope to continue providing this Dallas original with the service they deserve and cost savings they desire so they can remain our valued clients for years to come.

87%of Sana clients choose to renew their plans after their first year

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