Sana Care providers are curated through a vigorous screening process based on key performance indicators.


Improving access to care by meeting members where they are. Sana Care’s digital health solutions make it easier for members to find an available provider.


Partnering with providers with strong customer satisfaction ratings and best-in-class utilization rates to make getting care easy and pleasant.


Vetting partners to ensure they are proven to deliver better health outcomes, such as reduced ER visits, reduced surgery intent, decreased anxiety and depression, and more.


Ensuring that employers see an overall ROI by finding solutions that address high claims spend categories and meet our population's specific needs.

Healthier employees. Lower costs.

Sana Care was built to give small businesses access to Fortune 500-level benefits. Free high-quality care provides employees with an incentive towards better health outcomes and reduced health care costs. Lower costs lead to lower premiums long-term for your business, and better benefits mean happier, healthier employees.

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