Our Sana MD health center provides high-quality primary care.

Start thinking of primary care as proactive, instead of simply reactive. The entire Sana MD team is here to engage your employees with the personal, elevated, concierge care they need. Better health care reduces long-term costs for both your employees and your business.

28% of adults don’t have any kind of primary care physician

$193 per employee, per month overall reduction in healthcare costs has been shown by the Advanced Primary Care model

On-site family medicine

Select procedures

Urgent and preventive care

Wellness coaching

Labs and diagnostics

Weight loss programs

Chronic disease management

Stress management

Counseling and behavioral health

Diabetes education

Why Sana MD

When employees are empowered to take advantage of world-class care, they’re more likely to take an active role in their own health. That’s why Sana MD provides:

Convenient Care

Same or next day appointments

30+ minutes with your doctor per appointment

24/7 after-hours line

Wait times less than 5 minutes

Inviting modern office and experience

Convenient central Austin location with free parking

Wholistic Approach

Physician and team trained to help you navigate your Sana plan

Patient Advocates paired with members to help guide you through your care journey

Virtual care with video appointments and text messaging

Connecting the Dots

The healthcare system can often feel disjointed and confusing. We bring all the pieces together for you — with primary care at the center — to make healthcare make sense again.

Your Doctor

Your doctor is committed to your full-heath journey. They are passionate about ensuring you get at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted quality time together per visit to truly focus on your individual needs.

Every time you visit Sana MD, you’ll see the same familiar face — a doctor who knows you and understands your unique health challenges and goals.

In addition to your doctor, you’ll also have a dedicated Care team to serve you with personal, elevated concierge care including complimentary access to telemedicine when needed — 24/7, and 365 days a year.

Your Patient Advocate

Once you embark on your healthcare journey with Sana MD, you’ll be paired with a Patient Advocate — a licensed social worker, who’ll be your counselor and trusted advisor to help with referrals and second opinions. This hands-on approach is not too good to be true. It’s simply putting the “care” back in healthcare.

Your Patient Advocate is knowledgeable in all things Sana, including your Sana Care offerings, and is qualified to help you navigate your healthcare with both quality and cost in mind.

Already a Sana member? Login to your member portal to schedule your New Patient Visit today.

Sana MD is powered by Proactive MD — a national leader in advanced primary care. Proactive MD’s care model is more efficient for employers, more effective for patients, and more rewarding for healthcare professionals. Sana is proud to partner with this innovative leader to bring proactive, compassionate, convenient, world-class care to our members. Learn more here.

Experience the Sana MD difference for yourself.

Scheduling a New Patient Visit is a great way to get to know our care team, review your medical history, complete a thorough examination of your health, and discuss your wholistic health journey BEFORE you need to come in for an urgent reason down the road.

We call this type of visit preventive care, and we believe it’s very important. Healthcare is all too often reactive, and we aim to change that.

You can expect to spend about 30 minutes with your doctor during a typical visit, and up to 45 on the first visit. This uninterrupted time ensures that you’re not rushed while your doctor gets a full picture of your health, and makes sure all of your initial questions are addressed.